Only Two Weeks till the 9th Cody’s Challenge!

9th Codys Challenge Party

The 9th Cody’s Challenge

With just two weeks left to the next Challenge, excitement is building far and wide for what we are sure will be our best event yet! It’s hard to believe we are hosting the 9th Cody’s Challenge and that we’ve grown to host over 200 racers! We are so humbled and grateful for everyone’s support and participation in our ski mountaineering event. We are proud to be a part of the COSMIC Race Series again and to help things run more smoothly, we have professional race timing experts MAD Racing to provide registration and real time race results.

If you haven’t registered for the race yet please visit our registration page! So far we’ve got racers from Austin, TX, Baltimore, MD, upstate NY, Fort Collins, and of course most from Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Check here to see if your friends are registered and if not, encourage them to get on it!

Please visit and support Our Sponsors and stay tuned for more news and announcements in the weeks to come.

Let us know you’ve registered for the Challenge on social media using the hashtags #codyschallenge and #supportskipatrol

We can’t wait to see everyone at Steamboat Resort this year to help us support The Cody St. John Foundation, Ski Patrol and to celebrate the life of Cody!

Let Us Fortunate Ones Live the Good Life – Cody St. John

9th Cody's Challenge