Whereas Cody St. John was both an honored professional Ski Patroller and organ donor, The Cody St. John Foundation envisions a world where Ski Patrollers have the tools, facilities & education necessary to provide superior medical services and where the public both participates and benefits from increased organ donation.

We established TCSJF as the only non-profit organization that is working to benefit Professional Ski Patrollers. By awarding scholarships for continuing medical education, we aim to better equip Ski Patrollers everywhere in their mission to provide top-notch emergency medical care on their local mountain.

Years later The Cody St. John Foundation continues to award at least 5 scholarships for medical education each year and pay for avalanche training for selected ski patrols. We are succeeding at our mission and are more determined than ever to keep moving forward!


In working towards our vision, The Cody St. John Foundation:

  • Provides scholarships for medical education (ie. EMT, CNS, LPN, RN, MD…)
  • Provides medical training (ie. First Aid, EMT Certification…)
  • Provides medical equipment (ie. From band aids to snowmobiles…)
  • Works to increase awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donations (ie. Multimedia advertising campaigns…)
  • Works to increase registration of donors for the benefit of waiting recipients and their families (ie. Event sponsorships like “Donate Life’ sign-ups…)