Another Successful Cody’s Challenge

successful cody's challenge 2017

Another Successful Cody’s Challenge

Last Saturday, April 1st, 2017 was another Successful Cody’s Challenge with nearly 200 racers along with lots of fans and family! We were gifted a gorgeous day full of sunshine and amazing Colorado clouds which was enhanced by all the high fives and smiles at the finish line. Thanks to MAD Racing for an awesome race timing system and providing detailed race results at their website here. Check below for the top three racers in each category.

Thanks also to all who came out to race, volunteer, cheer and hang out with us, we are incredibly grateful and always humbled by the outpouring of love and support for our cause. We are proud to honor Cody with such an amazing event and group of people each year who help to raise funds for ski patrollers to further their medical education! Congrats to Taylor Miller who not only took first in the recreational long course but also was a recipient of one of our 2017 scholarships!

Check out the article Cody’s Challenge pushes on in 9th year in Steamboat Today by Joel Reichenberger, their great coverage of our race is always appreciated!

To Cody St. John for bringing people together now for 10 years even after his passing. You continue to inspire us to live the good life!

The top 3 finishers for each category are below:

2017 Cody's Challenge Race Results

Long Course
1Max Taam (Bib 164)01:40:001Jessie Young (Bib 175)01:50:21
2Rory Kelly (Bib 89)01:42:592Jaime Falcon (Bib 59) 02:16:39
3Chris Carr (Bib 37)01:42:593Emily Brackelsberg (Bib 22) 02:33:31
1Taylor Miller (Bib 187)02:08:341Mindy Mulliken (Bib 122) 02:50:00
2Steven Stefko (Bib 160)02:10:352Jessie Sykes (Bib 163) 02:52:55
3Kyle Leto (Bib 101)02:25:583Britni Johnson (Bib 85) 03:06:55
Split BoardSplit Board
1Erik Lobeck (Bib 182)02:42:381Shannon Forbes (Bib 66) 03:34:59
2Chris Rhodes (Bib 136)02:42:552Stacia Decker (Bib 49) 03:38:35
3Dallas Bailes (Bib 7)03:26:083Erin Nemec (Bib 124) 03:56:46
Short Course
1Cam Boyd (Bib 177) 01:20:081Ann Barbier (Bib 10) 01:23:21
2Jeff Snook (Bib 156) 01:23:062Joan Donham (Bib 56) 01:23:29
3Scott Cowman (Bib 43)01:27:493Kellie Nelson (Bib 186) 01:24:15